Behind every successful woman is herself and a great story…..

The master mind behind your favorite boutique, Gladys Contreras Gonzales.

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We can finally put a face with the name! Tell us a little about yourself (where you grew up, where you went to school, and your original plans after college)
I have always lived in Dallas, except during college years.  I attended St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, TX and majored in International Business and Marketing.  My goals at this time never included retail, much less owning a boutique!  After graduation, I was offered a position at the JCPenney’s buying office in Plano, TX.  It was during these grateful years that I appreciated the industry and grew to love it!  

You mentioned you worked at JcPenney, what made you decide to leave and open up your own retail shop? What exactly does MOVIDA mean, and what is the significance?
During my years at JCPenney’s buying office, I learned so much about the industry, the buying process, and most importantly great work ethics.  Honestly, there are times I do miss the hustle and bustle of the corporate environment.  After many conversations about how much I love my job, a friend mentioned I should open my own store.  The thought was scary but exciting at the same time.  So I began my business plan.The story behind the name ‘Movida’ is so simple but still meaningful to me.  I used to subscribe to a fashion/lifestyle magazine called “Latina” . Of course I loved the fashion articles and pictures, but the main reason I loved that magazine was because of the editorial section called “Movida”.  This editorial would feature emerging women entrepreneurs.  Their stories were amazing and inspiring.

Your are a pioneer in the women’s boutique business in Dallas, what would you contribute your success to be?
This question really makes me feel old, haha!  Its been 15 years since I  opened these doors but doesn’t feel like it.  I am still learning about the business.  It’s been such a roller coaster of highs and lows, although I love the highs, its the lows that made me stronger and wiser.      Success is a strong word and hard for me to accept maybe that is why  I have stayed in business so long.  I am always creating new goals for Movida and myself, therefore I always feel like I’m on a path to success just not exactly there yet.  Does that make sense?  

If you could offer any advice to a young lady interested in opening up her own boutique, what would it be?
I get this question often and could probably write a book on this!  However, I can sum up 3 important ones that I wish someone would have told me 15 years ago.
1.  Assemble a trusted council of people who are experts and love what they do.  Value and utilize them!
2.  Be humble and appreciate the small accomplishments.  Always have small goals to help lead you the big ones.  It will help you stay focused.
3.  Learn time management and put it to use!  Everyone will ask for your time, be wise where you invest it.

Tell us some interesting facts about yourself.
So, this may be the hardest question I have had in a long time!  After thinking about this for awhile, I realized I am just a boring boss mom.  My week is full of work and my weekends are full of kids activities.  However, I would have it no other way!  
Oh, did I mention I was a single mom for 8 years until I met my hubby.  We now have 2 amazing children, Juliana (13yrs) and Ryan (4yrs).

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