Behind every successful woman is herself and a great story…..

We come into contact with such wonderful women on a daily basis. Not only are they our customers, but our friends!!!!

Meet Uzma Lone, Owner and Director of Business Development of Armada Skilled Homecare Services.

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1.  Tell us about your company and your role.

My company is Armada Skilled Homecare Services. We provide in home nursing and rehab to patients in the comfort of their homes. I am one of the owners and the director of business development.

2.  After being a full time stay home mom, why did you decide to re-invent yourself into an entrepreneur?

After turning 40 and being a stay at home mom for many years I felt as if my chances at a professional career were impossible. Then I was given a rare opportunity to help start and lead a company that had a great potential for success. I had no experience in the medical industry. But through training and support from my team of co-owners and staff I buillt the confidence I needed to know I have made the right decision.

3.  What challenges, if any, have you encountered by being in a non-traditional female industry?

The medical community is so diverse. My interactions are mostly with male physicians but sometimes with nurses and case managers. My biggest challenge is to create access to physicians offices in order to allow my team the chance of delivering the innovative concept that Armada brings to patient care.


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A gift given by her employees. Love it!


Home office for Armada Skilled Home Care Services

2425 N. Central Expy, #150
Richardson, TX 75080



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