Behind every successful woman is herself and a great story…..

We come into contact with such wonderful women on a daily basis. Not only are they our customers, but our friends!!!!

Meet Angie Strange owner of Posh Floral.

What made you want to open your own business?

I studied Floral Design in college at Texas A&M so I knew I might do something with it one day. It wasn’t until after I started getting really busy with doing weddings and events on my own that I was encouraged to start my own business. I took a leap of faith, and left my teaching career. It was really scary but I am so glad I did!

What advise would you give to any aspiring florists who want to open their own business?

I would say you must be really passionate about flowers to really want to start a business. Get a business advisor to help you along the way.

What are some of your biggest struggles and how to do you overcome?

I think the biggest struggle is just being patient as Posh Floral grows. I want so much for my business, but it takes time (a lot of time) and energy to get it where I want it to be.

Tell us something interesting about yourself.

I love to shop!! If I wasn’t a florist I think I would definitely do something with fashion. I do that a little bit now too with my fashion blog.




Angie is wearing a teal Piko dress $30, Tan fringe fur vest $68,
and a statement necklace $24
All available at Movida Boutique
This is where the magic happens!
Her work station, her calendar with all of the month’s upcoming events, and a constant reminder that anything that comes her way can be accomplished. “YOU GOT THIS.”
She has an abundant amount of different types of vases and accessories in her studio.
Anyone who comes into contact with Angie, instantly feels a connection! Her smile and friendly personality are such a joy to be around!
She is very creative, and her passion for flowers shows in her creations!!

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