The remix, baby…..

Good morning, gal pals!

With the fall weather FINALLY approaching, we can imagine you are going through your closet to see what pieces you can toss and ones that you MUST add ASAP!!

Let me break it down for you….if you don’t have a fur vest, PURCHASE ONE NOW!! It’s the perfect addition to any outfit!

So without further ado, let me introduce you to our beautiful model Jaclyn Mittman, fashion blogger Pretty Petals. She is a recent transplant from Cali to our wonderful, oh-so-fickle, one day it is hot, the next day it can snow, beautiful state of Texas! (Did I sum that up correctly?) Stay tuned this week, as she takes this fur vest and remixes it into a couple of different looks!

Here she plays up the simpleness of a denim dress! LOVE THIS LOOK!!!


Denim dress $48

Cozy fur vest $68

Black clutch $24


(shoes: model’s own)

DSC_0131 DSC_0128-2 DSC_0125

Check out her blog daily for outfit inspiration!!

Pretty Petals


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