Behind every successful woman is herself and a great story…..

We come into contact with such wonderful women on a daily basis. Not only are they our customers, but our friends!!!!

Meet Juliana Oliveira, owner/desinger of BEYONDid


What motivates you?

I LOVE what I do! That’s what motivates me everyday. The look on my client’s face when they see their space transform into something better than they every imagined! It is such a rewarding feeling! I love the process of creating something new, something beautiful. The journey of creating a business, a brand, is also key to keeping me motivated and inspired. I started BEYONDid by myself with no mentor, and over the years I have seen my company flourish and continue to grow! It is such an exciting process!!!

What inspires your creativity?

The number one step in my creative process is the challenge of each project. Everyone has preferences, restrictions, requests, and that poses a challenge and guidelines as soon as I enter a new space. THAT is what inspires me: Necessity is the mother of creation. I love to come up with solutions, new ideas, new perspectives in order to make the seminally impossible a reality. Making it pretty is the easy part! That comes naturally! Everything I see,  touch,  and smell influences my creative point of view…..fashion, nature, music, architecture, food, personalities, etc.

What is something interesting about yourself?

I used to be a FC Dallas Cheerleader! I have never been a cheerleader,  a dancer, or have had any training, and one day I just tried out. Just for fun!!! I continued to make the cuts and then ultimately I made the team! It was such a fun experience! Till this day, I am still the best of friends with my former team mates! So glad I took the leap (no pun intended) and took a chance!

Another fun fact about me: I’m a true Dallas girl at heart, I LOVE Dallas! I feel like I’m the Dallas ambassador! When people move here (even people I don’t know) and don’t immediately love this city I always feel the need to jump in and share with  them how Dallas is the best city to live in! The funny party is, I’m not even from Dallas! I was born and raised in Brazil and moved here when I was 15. I grew up in a big city that was totally different from Dallas and I had a really hard time adjusting. To be completely honest, I really didn’t like it here! Over the years I have totally fallen in love with all that Dallas has to offer and I can’t help but to be outspoken about my new LOVE!!

Juliana was such a pleasure to work with when designing our new store space. She had a vision of what the finished product would look like, we trusted her, and she turned it into a reality!!

Juliana Oliveira www.beyondidonline.com

Movida Boutique #revamp2014





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